Mojave misbehaves after waking from sleep

I bought a new Mac mini  and it came with Mojave preinstalled. It was what I would call my first “Windows experience” with a Mac and I was very disappointed.  After waking from sleeping my symptoms varied but fell into a few categories:

  1. My Apple Watch would not unlock it, it would try but then as for the password
  2. When I plugged in my iPad it would not auto-launch iTunes
  3. After a while when launching apps I’d get the message that says in the future this app will not be supported and the app owner need to update it
  4. Apps would not complete closing
  5. Shutdown would not complete

Eventually, I would end up doing a hard shutdown (holding the power switch until it shut off).  After that the first reboot, I would have to shutdown and restart again before it started behaving correctly.

I kept pushing though it but never really could find a solution.  I reinstalled Mojave, reset the NVM, and all the other standard suggestions with no change.  So I started going through the logs.  I saw a lot of activity going on where requests going out were getting errors or URLs not found, etc.

So, I decided to dump the apps doing this and see what happens.  I removed iHeart Radio and Avast anti-virus (free version) software.

I haven’t had a problem since (a little over one week now).  I lean towards Avast being the problem after I found one web page talking about to fix a problem you needed to shutdown hibernation mode.

I have not pursued it further and am using alternative apps.