Why this blog

I’ve been trying to fulfill a life-long dream of coding and publishing a computer game.  I’ve been active with PCs since the TRS-80 Model 1 came out.  Skip ahead to 2006 when I migrated from Microsoft to Apple.  After forcing myself to stick with learning the “Apply way” of doing things I found before long I was happy with my choice.  I can say that the regular experience of “it just works” solidified my thinking.

My first attempt at a game (and of course I chose a complex one) on the Apple platform began in early 2016 using Objective-C.  I plodded along but I was not really happy with the effort required to do the simplest things.  Along come Swift and I found this to be exactly what I was looking for.

On many occasions I find I want to do something in the game and do not have any idea how to accomplish this in Swift (or the “Apple way”).  I am constantly searching the web for help (thank you stackoverflow.com) and the majority of the time I find something close but it doesn’t really do what I need it to do but points me in the right direction so I can solve the problem.  So after nearly three years of chasing down this rabbit hole, I thought maybe it would be helpful if I shared some of my problems and solutions.

Note:  I’m new to this so for now, comments will be disabled.

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